The build out process…one word…..UGH!



Above is the space for Elite. Currently, we are still at this stage because there are many untold details of the build out process. Since being let go from my job at the end of November, due to being a competitor. I have been left to worry through out this whole process of untold details.  First off, you have to agree upon plans that are submitted to the architect. Once these plans are approved by the architect they need to be sent off to the MEP, which is the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. The MEP plans have to go through each individual department with their separate plans and details. After each department has put in their two cents about their part in the process the plans are collected by the project manager. See this first process sounds like it goes quickly, but in all honestly it took a month and a half. 

Now on to the submission of the plans to the county. When plans are submitted to Prince William County it automatically takes 3 weeks because it is considered a medical office. The plans go through the same process with each department reviewing the plans and chiming in with their comments. As of right now our first round of comments should be in on 2/12.

From this point their is job to fix any issues with the plans and resubmit. After they are resubmitted it is a 9 day turn around from the county for a response. So there goes another two weeks at the best. If all goes well with the correction then permits will be granted and we can start the build out process. Phew….remember we signed the lease for the space back in November. So as you can see their is a lot more that goes into this process then is described by the project manager, let alone giving you a estimated opening date. As of right now our estimated occupancy date is May 1st. 

In the meantime, I have kept myself busy with various tasks that need to be completed before opening the doors to a practice. We have worked with a graphic designer to design a logo and business cards. Opened a business account with the seed money necessary to get things going. Picked through various equipment catalogs to get together a bid for our physical therapy  and office equipment. Along with starting a Facebook page and now a blog. Everyday I try to figure out other tasks that can be completed in the meantime before our doors open. 

Well, as you can see the build out process is not something to taken lightly or underestimated. It has many nooks and crannies that are not reviled until you are going through the process. Even though we have made it thus far and are slowly inching toward that opening date. Positive thoughts and projects get me through this down time. 

It is weird being on the other side of the coin. I am your typical worker or I guess a-typical worker considering how things have changed in the working world. I never took time off and even came in if I was sick and able to work. Either way we are more forward and soon enough I am going to be so busy I can’t keep myself going. Honestly, I can’t wait! Continue to follow for more updates in the build out process.